Why Join SABAA?

SABAA services the alternative energy industry with a special focus of the impacts of the industry on bats. It keeps members informed on the latest developments in the industry and its effects on bats providing members with access to discussions, as well as the decisions that emanate from them. Members will be able to contribute to the development and revision of guidelines for pre-and post-construction-monitoring, impact threshold levels and everything to do with bats and NEMBA assessments. Members will also have access to the latest research on bats and their life-histories and advances in the equipment needed to assess bat activity through acoustic and trapping surveys, acoustic transects and roost monitoring. Through conferences and workshops members learn how to use such equipment and how to reliably identify bat species. Access to supporting environmental initiatives is also provided via the partnerships that SABAA forms with other conservation organizations such as BIRDLIFE South Africa and the World Wildife Fund.