Bat Specialists in South Africa

The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) is the legislated registration and regulation authority for natural scientists in South Africa The Natural Science Professions Act 2003 (Act No. 27 of 2003) as amended states that a natural scientist, whose field of practice is one of those gazetted by the Minister of Science and Technology, may not practice unless registered with this Council (Government Gazette Notice No. 64 of 41445 published on 16th February 2018). Thus if a specialist report is required for an environmental assessment report that is environmental science in nature, that scientist needs to be registered with SACNASP.

We have been asked to list people and companies who can undertake bat specialist studies for EIAs. While we (The South African Bat Assessment Association) can take no responsibility for any contracts with any of these specialists we do believe the following people are qualified and capable of undertaking surveys.

If you know of any other qualified bat specialist currently working in South Africa please contact our website manager Kate Richardson on and we can add them to the list.

Bat Specialist Surveys

The following people and companies are qualified and currently undertake bat specialist surveys:

Name Company SACNASP Registration No. Contact Details
Michael Brits Arcus Consulting
Low de Vries Volant Environmental

(+27) 82 323 5475

Stephanie Dippenaar Stephanie Dippenaar Consulting

Collaboration with Birds and Bats Unlimited

(+27) 82 200 5244

Caroline Lotter Inkululeko Wildlife Services
Werner Marais Animalia Consultants

(+27) 78 190 3316

Monika Moir Independent Consultant

Independent Comments on Bat Surveys

As well as the above specialists, the following people can provide independent comments on surveys:

Name Company SACNASP Registration No. Contact Details
Leigh Richards Durban Natural Science Museum 117386
Kate Richardson Richardson & Peplow Environmental

(+27) 82 559 7681

David Jacobs University of Cape Town Department of Biological Sciences

(+27) 83 315 9280

Lourens Leeuwner Endangered Wildlife Trust
Peter Taylor University of the Free State 116159